New Star Soccer is a game that totally consumed our lives - and phone battery power - back in 2012/13 and we weren't the only ones. It has been downloaded 30 million times to date and won numerous awards for developer Simon Read.

Now he's back with an all-new football game, New Star Soccer Manager, which is available to download for free now on iOS. An Android version will be released soon.

It takes the same concept as the original, with the outcomes of matches dependant on your own skill as well as the stats of in-game players, but expands upon it greatly.

This time you get control over the entire team and behind-the-scenes shenanigans at football team, New Star FC.

Team tactics, formation, transfers and even sponsorship deals are yours to fiddle around with. Club infrastructure and finances are also important new facets, while player happiness will be paramount.

New Star GamesBe prepared to give up your life all over again New Star Soccer Manager coming to iOS and Android soon image 2

"In New Star Soccer Manager we wanted to give you ultimate control over how your team plays," said Read.

"Matches are played out in a similar way to New Star Soccer in that you only play out the highlights, but when you get hands on, you can pass, head, shoot, dribble and tell players where to make their runs."

An exact release date for the Android version is yet to be revealed, but if you have an iPad or iPhone you can download it now from the App Store. There go our lives all over again.