Popular iOS and Android game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery now lets you own a pet that can help you on your adventures.

Added to the free app from today, pets can be chosen from four different types: owl, rat, cat or toad. You can own up to four pets in total - one of each type - and you can equip one at a time. The rest live in your house dormitory until you decide to swap them over.

Pets aren't just aesthetic friends, they can also help you prepare for quests. They will provide players with an energy boost when they are awoken from slumber.

This app refresh will be followed in the near future by the previously announced Year 4 update. This will add all-new chapters, quests and locations as your character enters the fourth year of attendance at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a free-to-play game by Jam City for Warner Bros. It enables you to create your own witch or wizard student and progress through life at the school made famous in JK Rowling's Harry Potter books and the adapted movies.

There are many quests you can partake in as you seek to level up your character. There are in-app purchase to help speed up progress, so parents are advised to supervise their children's play.