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(Pocket-lint) - There's a new version of PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS and it adds a host of new features, including a big one - first person view. 

The last big update (version 050) added a whole new map - Miramar - as well as a host of new features. The latest update (version 060) was teased by Tencent via Twitter, before appearing on 19 June for Android and iOS gamers.

First-person shooter

The headline change is first-person mode - called FPP, first person perspective, in the game. The best view we have of this is via the official tease, losing the third-person view. Switching to first person means there's more emphasis on weapon animations - at least you can easily see at a glance if you have a silencer on your weapon.

First-person view recreates a the view from other shooters, but means you can't use the camera to get a view you can't quite see - especially when you're prone. When you're in long grass, that's basically all you can see - just like when you're looking through your scope. At the same time, your character no longer takes up some of the view, so pointing and shooting feels a little more natural. 

To access first person mode, you have to select it before you start the game. There's a drop-down menu where you select the game type and here you can switch to FPP mode. FPP is handled separately from TPP (third-person perspective), so your results, tiers, etc, are all separated between the different views.

Armoury and new lobby screen

There are a lot of cosmetic changes around version 6 of the mobile game. There's a new lobby/home screen, changing the background - appropriately to a wrecked football/soccer stadium (fitting as the World Cup is on), but also being more useful. You can test the new emotes, which let you perform some in-game actions. 

Pocket-lintPubg Mobile Version 6 image 10

These are a little more sophisticated than teabagging and you get a basic wave, kiss and a clap, with more that can be added as you progress with the Royale Pass (which we'll discuss in a bit). We've not unlocked any more and we're yet to see any get used in the game, but we suspect those quiet moments hiding in a house will turn into theatrical posturing, rather than doing burpees.

The other thing that's now available from the lobby is a weapon for your character. You don't just have to stand there, you can choose your favourite weapon to grasp. No, you don't get to take it into the game, but when your avatar appears, the weapon does too.

Speaking of weapons, let's talk about the Armoury. 

Pocket-lintPubg Mobile Version 6 image 5

You can now access the Armoury from the lobby where you can view all the weapons and see what you can add to them and what difference it makes. Just to burst that bubble, the only thing that really makes a difference is the quick draw mag to the overall firing speed in these stats. 

It's great to have access to all this information so you can make an informed decision about whether to take an Uzi or the UMP9. Take the UMP9, although if you've spent much time in the game, you'll know most of these things anyway.

Royale Pass

Another major addition is the Royale Pass. PUBG seems to struggle with its rewards system as it's a mishmash of things to collect and obtain and sometimes it just doesn't work. 

Adding to this (there's still missions and events) is the Royale Pass with daily and weekly missions to increase your rank and earn more crates and rewards. The kicker seems to be that you can buy your way through Royale Pass ranks, rather than having to play, so it looks like another way for Tencent to monetise the game (alongside the shop). Again, there's a Royale Pass Elite that you'd have to buy.

The Royale Pass runs in seasons, so you gain rank over a season time period and there's a couple of benefits that come with it. Firstly, you'll need Royale Pass to get a room pass and create a room, which is a private game.

Secondly, if you're the highest ranking Royale Pass player on the aircraft, you'll be able to change the finish for the aircraft before you jump. 

Mini-Zone and Arcade changes

There are two gaming modes in PUBG Mobile - Classic (100 players, full map) or there's Arcade. When Arcade was introduced it was a 28 player mode on a smaller map, cycling through different weapon groups - sometimes it was pistols, sometimes it was sniper rifles etc. 

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Arcade mode now introduces Mini-Zone which is a smaller playable area - a section of the map - but rather than 28 players, it's still 100 players. That means it's full-on carnage. Weapons and drops are more frequent, so it's frantic all the way through.

Pocket-lintPubg Mobile Version 6 image 3

There are two other game types that live in Arcade. Quick Match is an 8-minute match with a random group of weapons (like the old Arcade mode) and there's Sniper Training, which is 15-minutes with sniper rifles. People love sniping, so it make sense. 

When you select Arcade mode you can select which type of game you want, or just let it allocate you to any of the gaming modes. Again, you can play all in TPP or FPP and solo, duo or as a squad.

Other tweaks and changes

There's a whole load more that's going to be added too: melee weapons can damage car tyres and there's going to be Asian character models.

One thing that's a bit of a surprise is that you can no longer run over your team members with a vehicle to damage them - for some time, this has been a way to rid a team of a disruptive team member (as well as be a total jerk in the game) - but now you can mute individual team members (yay!).

Pocket-lintPubg Mobile Version 6 image 6

There's a whole load more on offer, from new animations for grenade throwing, to more sound effects, like crashing waves when you're next to the beach, as well as bug fixes. 

Overall, it's a great set of updates for PUBG Mobile. Happy gaming!

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 18 June 2018.