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(Pocket-lint) - If you were getting a little bored playing the same map on PUBG Mobile, then salvation comes in the form of version 0.5.0, with a new Miramar desert map. 

The new map in the desert doesn't have a foliage cover that Erangel offers, so it's going to play into the hands of snipers and will likely make fast vehicles more important for covering open ground.

You can opt to play on either map, or you can choose just to play on the new map if you prefer.

There are new weapons and new vehicles that come with the new map - which we'll leave you to discover for yourselves - but both bring a bit of a refresh as we roll into season 2 of PUBG Mobile.

There are some changes under the skin too, importantly in graphics. There's now an HDR option as well as Ultra HD, so you can take advantage of your phone's display if you have a device that supports those technologies.

You can also change the style, choosing between classic, colourful (vibrant), realistic and soft to suit your preference. Finally, there's an auto-adjust graphics option that will change the settings for you if the FPS drops.

In the basic settings of the game you'll also an option to control how you fire bolt action and crossbows, or shotguns, either on tap or on release. 

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For those who don't like Facebook, you can now also sign-in with Twitter. This will let you sync the game so you can play across different devices. 

For those who are just starting the PUBG Mobile experience, check out the progress awards - this will give you XP rewards as you move through the levels. If you've been playing for a while you'll have all those to collect right away. Yes, collecting rewards is still a little bit tedious. 

Finally, there's also a code you can enter so you can easily play with people in the same room, which might make team play with friends easier - along with new Synergy and Connections to encourage in-game interaction with friends.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 15 May 2018.