Nintendo has announced that its next mobile app will be called Dragalia Lost, a role-playing game for those looking for something a little different to Mario and his friends. 

Developed with Cygames, the game will launch this summer in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Keep in mind Nintendo's partner has worked on other Japanese mobile apps, like Granblue Fantasy, and that Nintendo recently acquired 5 percent of the mobile studio’s stock, according to Nintendo's latest financial results.

Anyway, the game's website and trailer, below, are only in Japanese, so it's hard to tell what's going on or what kind of storyline it might feature. We can see warriors and fantastical creatures as well as dragons and crystals. Typical fantasy RPG stuff. Pre-registration for the iOS and Android app is now open in the territories mentioned earlier.

As for when it will come to the UK or US, it's expected to launch later this year. Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour, which is still in the works, isn't due to arrive until next March. You can read all about that game from here.