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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG Mobile has updated on Android (with iOS still to come), making a range of tweaks and changes, from onscreen graphics to optimisations, and the addition of a dusk mode. Oh, there's also now in-game purchases, but we're going to ignore those.

The biggest new addition, however, is the Arcade gaming mode. This adds to the existing 100 player normal mode. You can play Arcade mode solo, in a pair or as a squad, as you can in other game modes.

However, Arcade is a very different gaming experience. First of all, Arcade mode is limited to 28 players, so it's fast and furious, all guns blazing - it's like PUBG Mobile on fire. It's a crazy adrenaline rush in there. 

The Lobby wait is shorter, you drop into a restricted gaming area (usually a village) and the play space decreases soon after you are on the ground - so there's no time for walking around looking at the scenery, trying to find the right cheek piece for your rifle.

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To stand any chance of surviving you need to get on the ground as quickly as possible, into a house and gather weapons. These are more liberally placed and generally more powerful than the spread in normal gaming. Then it's finger to the trigger and try to stay within the safe area.

Because Arcade is mostly fighting in built-up areas, you need to watch the windows - you'll see people running outside and anyone with a scope will be able to pick off those in neighbouring buildings.

Solo is hard (you're best using stealth - remember - noise and movement makes you easy to spot) but squad players can take advantage of another update - the ability to follow a "leader".

In the Lobby for games, squad members will now have a "follow" option so the team can stick together during the air drop. It means one person basically controls the time and speed of the dive, the opening of 'chutes and the descent to the LZ. It means you all land together, ready to fight as a team. Use it, it's basically your only chance of winning. 

The update is now available for Android users and when you open the game you'll be prompted to update (you'll want a Wi-Fi connection to download); iOS users will probably get it soon - feel free to comment when it does arrive.

Happy gaming.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 19 April 2018.