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(Pocket-lint) - Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has announced it is developing a Westworld mobile game, due to be released on iOS and Android later this. Making the announcement at SXSW, anyone can now pre-register their interest in the game and doing so will get you "exciting incentives at launch".

The game itself will closely reflect HBO's incredibly successful sci-fi drama series, and Warner Bros is working with producers of the show to make sure is "complements and augments the rich depth of the series".

You will start off as a newly hired Delos Trainee who gets access to the Delos Park Training Simulation, and as you progress through the game, you unlock more repsonsilitibies, giving you more control over the theme park, including "manufacturing and care-taking of artificially intelligent hosts and satisfying guest desires."

Characters from the TV series, such as Dr Robert Ford and Dolores make appearances throughout the game and Jonathan Knight, Vice President, Studio Head at WB Games San Francisco added: "This game is an opportunity to give mobile gamers a fresh and exciting way to interact with the engrossing themes and enigmatic narrative explored by the Westworld series,"

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"We can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the game to develop their own unique strategy to orchestrate and explore the perfect park experience."

You can pre-register your interest for the Westworld mobile game by clicking here.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 12 March 2018.