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(Pocket-lint) - A new Pokemon Go-style Ghostbusters game is coming - and the first gameplay footage is now online.

When the augmented reality game was announced, developer 4:33 Creative Lab, which is creating the game in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, only revealed players would be able to use their mobile devices to find and catch "specters, ghosts, and apparitions." It released a teaser trailer, too, but it didn't show how the game looks or works. However, now, it's released another, more interesting teaser.

Sure, it's only 15 seconds long. And it's only shows a "pre-alpha build" of the game, which is called Ghostbusters World. But we can still see how well it uses ARKit and ARCore technology to place spooky digital objects into the camera’s view and make them behave like real-world objects. In the video, a player is shown wielding a digital Proton pack to catch a green Slimer ghost and store it in a Containment Unit.

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It's a similar style of gameplay found in Niantic’s AR games, but we can only hope it'll be just as fun and immersive. This new teaser makes us really want to play it now. Unfortunately, a release date and pricing has not been confirmed. We only know Ghostbusters World is coming to Android and iOS sometime this year, but more details will be confirmed at Game Developers Conference in March.

Writing by Elyse Betters.