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(Pocket-lint) - We've previously covered the biggest eSports earners in the world and shown you just how much money can be made from professional gaming.

Unfortunately, there's a noticeable disparity between the earnings of males and females in the gaming arena as much as there is elsewhere. While the top male eSports players are making millions, even the top female earners are only getting a maximum of $200,000. 

These ladies are still serious gamers though and with a multitude of tournaments under their belts, they are a force to be reckoned with. We've hunted down the details on the biggest earners to show you who to keep an eye on in future. 

Sasha Hostyn (Scarlett)

Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content PoolTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 13
  • Rank#: 1
  • Country: Canada
  • DOB: 14 December 1993 (24)
  • Player ID: Scarlett
  • Player Name: Sasha Hostyn
  • Total Earnings: $200,693.82
  • Game: StarCraft II

The highest earner on our list Sasha Hostyn, who goes by the gaming handle Scarlett. She's a professional StarCraft II player from Canada who started her career in 2011 and began making a name for herself in 2012 when she began beating a number of high-ranking players of the time. 

Scarlett has since been called "the most accomplished woman in e-sports" and appeared on a list of 50 admirable gaming people in 2014. With over 141 tournaments under her belt, Scarlett is the highest earning female eSports player in the world with $200,693.82 earnt so far. 

Katherine Gunn (Mystik)

2018 Guinness World Records LimitedTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 12
  • Rank#: 2
  • Country: USA
  • DOB: 20 April 1988 (29)
  • Player ID: Mystik
  • Player Name: Katherine Gunn
  • Total Earnings: $122,000.00
  • Game: Halo: Reach

Katherine Gunn AKA Mystik has been professionally gaming since 2007 and made a name for herself playing Halo: Reach. Mystik comes from a family of gamers and grew up playing video games with her whole family - who also ran a comic book store. 

She's the second player to appear on our list who previously held the title for the highest earning gamer and appeared in the Guinness World Record books in 2015 for earning a record £122,000. She's also made the majority of her money from playing just three gaming tournaments - the biggest win of $100,000 coming from winning series 2 of American reality TV show "WCG Ultimate Gamer". 

Ricki Ortiz

Courtesy of www.evilgeniuses.ggTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 11
  • Rank#: 3
  • Country: USA
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Player ID: Ricki Ortiz
  • Player Name: Ricki Ortiz
  • Total Earnings: $80,780.18
  • Game: Street Fighter V

Ricki Ortiz specialises in fighting games and plays both Marvel vs. Capcom and the Street Fighter series. She has been playing since the early 2000s and has competed in 61 tournaments so far. She's currently playing for team Evil Geniuses

Like Sasha Hostyn, Ricki Ortiz is also known for being a high-ranking transgender player. Although both women have experienced abuse because of this neither of them have let it hold them back from winning and climbing the rank of highest earners. 

Marjorie Bartell (Kasumi Chan)

Marjorie Bartell/FacebookTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 10
  • Rank#: 4
  • Country: USA
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Player ID: Kasumi Chan
  • Player Name: Marjorie Bartell
  • Total Earnings: $55,000
  • Game: Dead or Alive 4

Marjorie Bartell is another professional gamer who specialises in fighting games. She goes by the handle Kasumi Chan which is inspired by a character of a similar name from Dead or Alive.

Marjorie Bartell has been professionally gaming since 2006 and earnt her biggest winnings in 2007 with $50,000 won from a single competition.

Sarah Harrison (Sarah Lou)

VideogameVisionary.com/FlickrTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 9
  • Rank#: 5
  • Country: UK
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Player ID: Sarah Lou
  • Player Name: Sarah Harrison
  • Total Earnings: $50,000
  • Game: Dead or Alive 4

Sarah Harrison is one gamer on our list who made all her fortune from a single tournament. This British gamer won the 2008 Championship Gaming Series Season splitting half the $100,000 prize fund with her teammate.

Sarah's sister Ruth is also a professional gamer who enjoys playing the same games and they've been lovingly referred to by fans as the Venus and Serena Williams of eSports.

Wang Xinyu (BaiZe)

Courtesy of BlizzardTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 8
  • Rank#: 6
  • Country: China
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Player ID: BaiZe
  • Player Name: Wang Xinyu
  • Total Earnings: $27,312.39
  • Game: Hearthstone

Wang Xinyu (AKA BaiZe) has smashed her way onto this list by earning $27,312.39 from five tournaments in 2017. She earnt this money competing in the Hearthstone Championship Tour and is the first-ever woman to compete in a seasonal championship. She was already well-known in China, but became a big name in the Western gaming scene after competing in these playoffs. 

Zainab Turkie (zAAz)

Leonardo[A] ♥/SteamTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 7
  • Rank#: 7
  • Country: Sweden
  • DOB: 7 June 1991 (26)
  • Player ID: zAAz
  • Player Name: Zainab Turkie
  • Total Earnings: $26,968.51
  • Game: CS:GO

Zainab Turkie (AKA zAAz) is a Swedish eSports player who has been gaming since 2002 and is currently part of team RES Gaming. zAAz started playing Counter-Strike: 1.6 in the early 2000s and later made the switch to CS:GO in 2013. She has been part of various different teams and made the majority of her earnings playing 24 tournaments since 2008. 

Julia Kiran (juliano)

juliano/TwitterTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 5
  • Rank#: 8
  • Country: Sweden
  • DOB: 4 November 1993 (24)
  • Player ID: juliano
  • Player Name: Julia Kiran
  • Total Earnings: $23,398.51
  • Game: CS:GO

Like Zainab Turkie, Julia Kiran is another Swedish professional eSports player whose main focus is Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  She is currently the in-game leader for Team Secret and has been taking part in competitions since 2013. 

Julia Kiran AKA juliano has taken part in a total of 22 tournaments so far, netting her $23,398.51 and putting her in eighth place on the list of top-earning female eSports professionals. 

Christine Chi (potter)

Christine "potter" Chi/FacebookTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 4
  • Rank#: 9
  • Country: USA
  • DOB: 31 October 1986 (31)
  • Player ID: potter
  • Player Name: Christine Chi
  • Total Earnings: $22,895.25
  • Game: CS:GO

Christine Chi (AKA Potter) is an American CS:GO player who currently plays as RES Gaming and was the former team captain of Counter Logic Gaming Red. She has competed in 16 different events and placed first in a number of them since starting in 2006. Her biggest win was in 2010 when she netted $4,800.00 from two events and she has made a total of $22,895.25 so far. 

Stephanie Harvey (missharvey)

FlickrTop 10 highest earning female eSports gamers in the world image 2
  • Rank#: 10
  • Country: Canada
  • DOB: 19 April 1986 (31)
  • Player ID: missharvey
  • Player Name: Stephanie Harvey
  • Total Earnings: $21,305.25
  • Game: CS:GO

Last but not least is Stephanie Harvey, a Canadian professional gamer who has a double life as a game developer for Ubisoft Montreal. She's best known for playing Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitively and has won a number of tournaments including five world championships. 

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She is also a vocal advocate against gender discrimination in professional gaming and has spoken out against sexism in the industry. She's also highlighted the disparity in player's earnings and the problems female gamers face with abuse both on and offline. 

Stephanie Harvey has made $21,305.25 from 16 tournaments but when compared to the list male gamers, her winnings pale in insignificance. Even the last player on that list made nearly $2 million. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 22 January 2018.