(Pocket-lint) - Do you take your games seriously, to the extent that you’re beginning to become involved with the communities that have sprung up around them? If you like to think of yourself as a committed gamer, it’s surely time to bookmark Kinguin.net

If games mean that much to you, there must surely have been occasions when you’ve headed to the games shop on your local high street in search of the latest digital epic. Maybe dodging the rain and eating into your precious lunch-hour in the process. Only, perhaps, to find, after negotiating a lengthy queue, that what you seek isn’t in stock. So you find another game that you want and, although it’s annoyingly pricey, you buy it anyway, because you just want to play something. That disc had better not be scratched when you get it back home after wasting half a day.

You can forget such travails with Kinguin. Simply log onto the website, and you’ll be able to pick your favourite game (from over 25,000 ones in stock), pay for it online and start playing it the moment it finishes downloading. You’ll also find 24/7 live customer support in more than 20 languages, in case anything ever goes wrong, and your game will always be accessible from your account, no matter where you may be.

And that’s not all. Gaming can be an expensive pastime, and one of Kinguin’s primary aims is to offer the most keenly priced digital games – whether you play on PC or console – downloadable content and in-game items in the world. Making a name for yourself in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for example? Then you’ll want to have a close look at Kinguin’s unparalleled selection of CS: GO Skin Cases – including the famously good value for money Rage Cases.


Whether you’re seeking the cheapest Steam keys, digital console game download keys or games-related accessories, Kinguin is the place to go. That’s because it operates as a platform bringing together a huge aggregation of online games merchants. Essentially, it’s a shop window for a large number of online games shops, so once you’ve decided what game you want to buy, you always get a range of price-options.

Kinguin always overflows with competitions that give you the chance to win games, vouchers and exotic gaming accessories. And it’s a noted supporter of the indie development scene, which is on a roll at the moment and generally held to be the source of most of the games industry’s true innovation. Kinguin’s Indie Valley section provides the most comprehensive direct shop-front to an unparalleled selection of staggeringly good value indie games.

Kinguin was founded in 2013 and over the years, has connected about 6,000 sellers with over 6 million buyers. Although based in Warsaw, it now operates in a staggering 130 countries spanning the globe. It supports every conceivable payment method – including Bitcoin – and its Buyer Protection system provides complete peace of mind for all transactions.

In other words, Kinguin.net is one of the games industry’s best-kept secrets, frequented by the savviest gamers. But those who have become involved in the e-sports scene have been well acquainted with it for years. That’s because Kinguin has long sought to develop and grow the e-sports arena.


Its e-sport credentials include sponsoring Team Kinguin, one of the world’s most successful e-sports teams – for example, it took second place at the World Electronic Sports Games2017 in China. It entered a partnership with ESL – the world’s largest and longest established e-sport league – to sponsor tournaments like ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters and ESL Pro League. And Kinguin even runs its own e-sports tournaments, most notably GG Masters and Operation: Kinguin, which are designed to give lesser known teams the chance to test their skills against the major players.

Small wonder that, with a pedigree like that, Kinguin is fast becoming a focal point for the e-sports community – it’s also in the process of creating a dedicated e-sports Performance Centre in Warsaw, which will lead to a network of similar e-sports-specific entertainment centres around the world.

So whether you’re contemplating getting on the ladder to e-sports stardom, already making a name for yourself as an up-and-coming pro gamer, or merely a keen amateur exponent of Overwatch, FIFA, CS: GO, The Elder Scrolls Online and the like, it’s surely time you checked out Kinguin.net.

It isn’t just the place to go to find the cheapest games, skins and in-game objects. It’s a whole ready-made community where you’ll be able to interact with like-minded individuals for whom games are a vitally important part of their lives. The days when gaming was a solitary pursuit are long gone, and at Kinguin.net, you’ll find one of the most diverse and all-encompassing communities of gamers of all shapes, sizes, nationalities and inclinations.