Giant videogames show E3 2017 is now over, but it was a cracking event and we managed to get our hands on several amazing titles coming up later this year or beyond.

As well as a brand new console, the Xbox One X, the show had potentially yielded the best Call of Duty game in many years, an amazing new outing for Spider-Man and, of course, Super Mario Odyssey - playable for the first time.

So here's our round-up of the best games we played at the show...

Call of Duty: WWII

  • Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: 3 November 2017
  • Pre order: See it now on Amazon UK - Amazon US
Activisionbest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 2

The latest Call of Duty (affectionately known as COD: WW2) returns to its second World War roots to great effect.

Gone is the madcap, sci-fi action of the last few games in the franchise and in comes a more tangible, gritty tale of brotherhood on the battlefields.

We got to play a couple of multiplayer modes at the show, with team deathmatch and the all-new War Mode on offer. The latter was especially interesting because it had different objectives to meet in an elongated round, with two teams of five taking turns to play as the axis and allies.

There are multiple fighter classes to choose from and each was great for a particular strategy.

The game looks stunning, so we have great hopes that series is to return to its very best.

Strange Brigade

Rebellionbest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 3

Sniper Elite developer and publisher Rebellion had many a tongue wagging during the show thanks to its oh-so British co-op action game Strange Brigade.

It draws on the derring do tales of matinee programmes of the 40s and 50s, with mummies and the undead facing a bunch of odd, powerful adventurers and the end result is something new and refreshing.

The game is more action-based and faster paced than the Sniper Elite series, but is still played in third-person. Hordes of enemies stream towards the players, whether there be two to four of them. It can also be played solo and is subsequently tweaked to provide a challenge but still beatable.

We particularly like the stiff upper-lipped narrator who, we were told, might even give you some wrong directions and information at times.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoftbest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 4

The new Far Cry outing has the potential of being the most brutal yet. It also touches on a sensitive and relevant subject matter, with the villain this time around being a cult and militia leader in the north west of America.

He has enslaved many of the populace of Hope County and it is your job as a local deputy sheriff to bring him and his family to justice and restore the local towns to their former safe havens.

We played a great level, even fished and flew an aircraft in the game. A much wider variety of vehicles are drivable this time around and the Guns for Hire feature, where you can employ the services of another character, even a dog named Boomer, can help you get through missions.


Sonybest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 5

The game given the biggest fanfare at Sony's E3 2017 press conference wasn't The Last of Us 2 but Spider-Man. The former game didn't even get a look in.

Insomniac's new open world superhero adventure certainly looks the part, having been shown in 4K and with HDR.

However, it should be its gameplay that impresses most. It very much seems to be a Batman Arkham game in brighter-coloured tights, and there's no harm in that.

Spidey can swing through a Manhatten four or five times the size of Sunset City - as in Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac's last open world title. He can also use different gadgets throughout the game to take down bad guys in ever more spectacular ways.


EAbest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 6

We actually spent several hours with an early build of FIFA 18 prior to E3, but the game had improved a bit more in time for the show.

It is excellent this year, with astonishing graphical fidelity and the attention to detail to get players and stadiums right is great. They really do look almost photo realistic this time around.

The animation engine has also been dramatically improved, which doesn't just make the game look better, but play better too. Animations are now rendered on a frame by frame basis, so the response time between you moving the thumbstick and the player reacting is significantly enhanced.

Oh, and there are wondergoals. We've already scored (and have been victims of) some proper crackers.

Destiny 2

Activisionbest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 7

As with FIFA, we played Destiny 2 extensively ahead of the show, but just seeing the buzz it generated amongst the public on the show floor was incredible.

The four versus four PVP mode Countdown was available to play and its every bit as good as we'd remembered.

In Countdown, your team alternates between defending or attacking two specific points on the map. During the defence round, you have to prevent your rivals from successfully placing charges on the points, and therefore blowing them up -  you can defuse them if necessary. And then it's vice versa.

It quick-paced and dropping the action to four players on each side makes it easier for newcomers and mid-level players to get to grips with it quickly.

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendobest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 8

Possibly the game we were most itching to see at this year's E3, Super Mario Odyssey, was playable on the Nintendo stand - something apparent by the enormous queue that snaked around it.

Fun and funky in equal measure, the game had a couple of worlds you could visit in the demo. It was also playable using motion controls, with each Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch performing different actions depending on how you swung them.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but no more so than Super Mario Galaxy did on the Wii. You can also play the game with a conventional Pro Controller or using the Joy-Cons in their grip.

As for the gameplay, it's great, bonkers and everything we could have hoped for in a Mario game for a new platform.

Skull & Bones

  • Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: "Fall" 2018
  • Pre Order: See it now on Amazon UK
Ubisoftbest games of e3 2017 xbox one ps4 and switch games that stole the show image 9

It's early days for Skull & Bones as it's not expected until next autumn, but we had a couple of frenzied five-versus-five PVP battles on a pre-alpha build and it has a lot of promise.

The competitive online game was certainly easy to pick up for us, being big fans of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. The ship sailing and combat mechanics are identical to the seabound sections of that game.

We, and four other players on our team, had to destroy merchant ships, pick up their loot and then escape the hunter ships and choppy waters. The other team had to do the same, on the same area of water and the end result is some excellent, frenzied firefights.

You could choose one of three different classes of ship, which complement each other when you get a good balance amongst the team. We chose the Enforcer, which has the best firepower but is by far the slowest to turn and manoeuvre.

We're really looking forward to playing more of this one next year.

Assassin's Creed: Origins

UbisoftBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 10

In terms of general buzz, the forthcoming Assassin's Creed game - which is set in ancient Egypt - was already talk of the town before the show kicked off. Numerous prior leaks had thoroughly piqued interest.

And it wasn't hard to see why when we got to play it. It's got the classic core of an Assassin's Creed game, but has been reworked and rethought in superb fashion.

Gone is the mini map and towers to open map areas, replaced by a player-controlled eagle to scout out the bad guys. Combat too has been overhauled to give a far more engaging experience, including dodging, light and heavy attacks in an altogether more Witcher-style system.

We feel it's all a vast improvement. Good job, too, as fans have been hungry after the game’s year off. Origins looks as though it'll have been worth the wait when it arrives on 27 October.

Days Gone

  • Format(s): PS4
  • Release date: "Early" 2018
SonyBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 11

Sony showed a fair few exclusive titles on its E3 booth and Days Gone turned many a head.

The open world zombie game looks more and more like an Uncharted title each time we see it, and that's certainly no bad thing.

A long play through section was shown during the PlayStation press conference prior to the show starting, with the hero racing on his bike to rescue a fellow survivor, only to be set upon by bandits then rampaging through the rival camp.

The difference in a behind closed doors session was that the same mission can be played at night, or in the snow. And the dynamic time and weather conditions can make for different styles of play.

It'll be out earlier next year. We'll be definitely keeping our eyes on this one.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

BethesdaBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 12

When Bethesda relaunched Wolfenstein back in 2014 under its The New Order guise, we thought it was a superb reboot. Indeed, it was one of those first-person shooters that felt like it was a bit under appreciated, if anything.

Nonetheless, we loved its mix of intense gameplay and unapologetically evil Nazi characters, which made for a great single-player campaign - a rarity in first-person shooters these days.

The sequel, The New Colossus, holds back no punches. From the off it continues the story of William B.J. Blazkowicz, who has awoken from a five month coma and is in a semi-crippled state, needing a wheelchair to move around. That doesn’t mean B.J. holds back, however: the opening scenes of the game are from the chair, which gives a whole new dynamic to the game.

Irene Engel returns as the lead antagonist, played superbly in unflinching style, to give a sinister injection to the game. Sure, it's a first-person shooter, but The New Colossus is delivered with a focus on story and player that few other games of the genre can muster. From the 15 minute section we played, it's left us hungry for more.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Electronic ArtsBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 13

If you're a big fan of the original Battlefront, then you're going to love the follow-up. It takes a great multiplayer game and refines the formula, with new maps, new movie settings and much more.

Plus, if you thought the original lacked a certain something, the introduction of a brand new solo campaign game ought to make this Star Wars title appeal to the fans more than ever before.

With special characters introduced to multiplayer - including Darth Maul and Yoda, among other favourites - there's a greater dynamic to group play that elevates the game to another level. We can't wait to find out more closer to release.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

  • Format(s): PS4
  • Release date: 22 August 2017
SonyBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 14

Of all the games shown at E3, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was perhaps closest to release: it'll be out in a couple of months.

And that's great news, if what we saw is anything to go by.

We didn't get to play the game - a developer play through and gameplay footage were all that was on offer - but it looks superb. At the very least the action-adventure will sate the appetite of those lamenting the end of the Nathan Drake Uncharted series.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch

  • Format(s): Switch
  • Release date: 29 September 2017
EA SportsBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 15

Although Nintendo Switch owners do not get the full version of FIFA 18 we detail above, they still get a full FIFA game experience that is unsurpassed for portable play.

The game engine has been built from the ground up, so no Frostbite for graphics or even the same engine as FIFA 17. It still plays exactly like FIFA though, with thankfully few touchscreen gimmicks.

The graphics are very good if not spectacular, with licensed teams and kits still intact. There's no The Journey mode, but you do still get Ultimate Team and Seasons - this time in the form of Local Seasons where you can all play on the same Switch, using the Joy-Cons as mini controllers for each player.

There is also a Career Mode for players who want to tackle a longer play through when travelling around. Tube journeys will never be the same again.

Forza Motorsport 7

  • Format(s): Xbox One
  • Release date: 3 October 2017
MicrosoftBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 16

The launch of the Xbox One X needed a game to highlight the forthcoming powerhouse of a console's abilities and this was it.

We played three races on a development kit aping the same internal spec of the One X and while the game is unmistakably Forza, it is also enhanced to the max - especially for the 4K machine.

The latter of the three races, with dynamic weather effects turned up to the max, showed off the incredible native 4K graphics, HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound superbly.

The cars and track are crisper than a Kettle Chip, while the water effects on the ground rippled and splashed like the real thing. Rain effects were added in Forza 6, but this time they are simply the best we've seen in a racing game. By far.

However, it was actually the sound that impressed most. Cracks of thunder and drops thudding on the roof of the car enhanced the experience, even when played through headphones. Add Dolby Atmos height to the mix and crikey.

PES 2018

  • Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: 14 September 2017
KonamiBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 17

Like the Xbox One and PS4 versions of FIFA 18, Pro Evolution Soccer has refined its graphics this year to look more crisp and realistic than ever before. This is especially true with its licensed teams, such as Liverpool and Barcelona.

The gameplay offers the same fast, fluid action as last year's outing yet adds contextual shielding, closer dribbling system and many more tweaks that improve the realism of the play. We even beat one of the Konami team in a match - before being roundly thrashed 6-0 in the following game - so it still has that pick up and play friendliness as ever.

Yes, there are constant arguments over which is better, FIFA or PES. We say, why can't you have both? Gaming is all the better for it.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

  • Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: 10 October 2017
Warner BrosBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 18

Of all the games we saw at the show itself, Shadow of War - the sequel to 2014's Shadow of Mordor - was the one we played longest. And after 45 minutes of play, we were thoroughly hooked to its combination of action RPG and tactical war game mechanics.

Once again taking on the mantle of Talion from the first game, we controlled a large army of turned orcs as we assaulted a stronghold keep to overthrow the chief inside.

There's an upgraded Nemesis system this time around, which we soon realised after failing to defeat the chieftain first time around. He became our nemesis and went up a level before we had to tackle him again.

But we loved the ability to control a huge array of prior enemies in order to take the stronghold. There's so much depth that it'll be one to keep coming back to, that's for sure.

Monster Hunter: World

  • Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: "Early" 2018
CapcomBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 19

We didn't get to play it as such, rather watch a developer play it in front of us, but Monster Hunter: World could turn out to provide some truly bonkers, fun action when it arrives early next year.

Because it is early days for the development, some of the graphics did look a little chonky - almost Fallout 4-esque. But the amount of different ways possible to defeat monsters and the living, breathing open world environment make up for the slight glitches we saw.

Monster Hunter has been a cult hit for years, and we're sure it will continue to be so on its debut for this generation of consoles.

GT Sport

  • Format(s): PS4
  • Release date: 2017
SonyBest Games Of E3 2017 Xbox One Ps4 And Switch Games That Stole The Show image 20

It's been a year since we last played GT Sport and it's still to even get a firm release date beyond "2017". However, delays seem to be wort it as Polyphony is ensuring the racing game is tweaked to within an inch of its life; both in look and playability.

We played a couple of competitive races at the show, in a GT Sport racing pod and using a full steering wheel setup. Unfortunately, it broke during our second race - on a dirt track - so we failed to finish after staying in third place for a while, but we certainly got a good taste.

Like Forza 7 for Xbox, PS4-exclusive Gt Sport will run in 4K, albeit checkboard, and 60fps on a PS4 Pro. There's also something less simulation and more fun about this iteration of Gran Turismo.

We're in no doubt it'll be a much lauded racer when released. Whenever that might be.