(Pocket-lint) - Games are all about being as immersed as you can be in the experience. Whether you're hurtling along a race track or trying to battle your way out of a dungeon, playing on a big TV is certainly one way to do it, but having that experience magnified up to 100-inches projected on your wall is always hard to beat.

A projector, therefore, is surely the best way to play. So, here are five reasons gamers should consider the BenQ W1210ST projector:

1. It can cope with fast paced action


The W1210ST is the world’s first gaming projector with 16.67ms low input lag. What that means in practice, is that you won't suffer any lag on games regardless of whether you are playing on an Xbox One, PS4 or the new Nintendo Switch.

The projector also works to reduce motion blur and, as all gamers know, getting rid of lag and blur is really important, especially on games where making sure every spilt-second counts.

Gone are the days of missing that crucial final blow to an end of level boss because your technology wasn't quick enough, or scenery just becoming one big haze because you're going too fast and the screen can't keep up.

2. Special Game and Game Bright modes


Keeping up with the pace of the game is one thing, but you also want it to look good too. As well as specific movie modes for when you're watching films, the BenQ W1210ST projector features two dedicated gaming modes.

Game Mode is aimed at taking advantage of darker rooms while Game Bright Mode works really well in well-lit rooms. It automatically adjusts to perfectly match environmental light, providing balanced brightness and contrast to bring out every detail.

3. 100-inch screen from just 1.5 metres

The biggest myth with projectors is that you need a cinema-sized room in your house to create a cinema-sized picture. That's not the case. The W1210ST can produce a 100-inch Full HD 1080p image from just 1.5 metres away from the wall. That means you don't have to worry about having a massive room to get a massive picture. And because of the compact size of the BenQ projector you can easily get it out when you need it and simply rest it on a coffee table to get started.

4. Great picture quality

The W1210ST delivers Full HD 1080p visuals with a 6x-speed RGBRGB colour wheel for lifelike colours especially calibrated for gaming. Furthermore, with a huge amount of control within the settings you can adjust for different-coloured walls, brightness settings, zoom, focus and contrast. It is hard not to deliver the perfect picture regardless of the room.

5. Built-in speakers deliver great audio

Quickly plugging in a games console is easy, but trying to connect sound systems can be a faff on many devices. The W1210ST features two 10W chamber speakers housed in resonant sound chambers for excellent stereo sound. They are powered by BenQ's proprietary CinemaMaster Audio Enhancer to deliver great sound without you having to worry about a host of cables.