(Pocket-lint) - There's a lot of talk about Mario's mobile debut at the minute, with Super Mario Run to be released for iPhone and iPad on Thursday 15 December, but there's one games character coming to smartphone that has us even more excited.

Not content with giving us a remastered, 4K version of the original PaRappa the Rapper for PS4 early next year, Sony is bringing the hip-hop pooch to mobile too. We're not yet sure if it will be the full PaRappa experience, as on PlayStation One all those many moons ago, nor do we know whether there are plans to release the app outside of Japan, but just the thought has us jigging around like Sunny Funny on a cake rush.

The game will be part of a push by Sony Interactive Entertainment's mobile games publishing arm, ForwardWorks, to bring classic PlayStation characters to mobile in different forms. Hot Shots Golf, Wild Arms and Arc The Lad are also titles planned for the start of 2017.

After the unbelievable success of Pokemon Go and undoubted interest in Super Mario Run, who can blame it?

We'll bring you more on PaRappa's smartphone outing when we know more, but in the meantime you can watch him in all his PSOne glory with an entire playthrough video below. Naturally, it contains many spoilers.

Writing by Rik Henderson.