(Pocket-lint) - No Man's Sky polarised opinion on launch like few games in memory. We loved it, but many didn't feel they got the game they were promised.

It was hampered by issues on the PC version and plenty of PS4 gamers found it lacking in gameplay or variety.

We were more than happy to aimlessly travel from planet to planet, finding it a calming, peaceful experience. But, we'll be honest, the novelty eventually wore off and other games grabbed our attention more.

Now we'll be heading back to the pastel shaded universe though as a massive update has landed. It adds so much that naysayers might even find the game they wanted in the first place.

The Foundation update was revealed on 25 November but is now available to download on PC or PS4. It improves many of the visuals, with new modes for owners of lesser spec PCs to improve performance.

There are also now planets with no life at all, and new plants to harvest. There are also two new game modes, with a survival mode being far more challenging and a creative mode giving you the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. In the latter, you can explore the universe without limits. The original "normal" mode is still there too.

However, the biggest changes come to the gameplay itself, with base building being introduced. You can construct your own, bespoke outpost from the shell of an abandoned one. You can even hire aliens to man different stations inside. Teleporters in space stations will also get you to your base in an instant so you don't have to travel through galaxies just to get home.

And you can grow new biome dependent crops inside, to make your base building more simple.

There are plenty of other additions, including huge space freighters that you can buy and customise, and cargo can be stacked to give you more storage capacity.

We'll certainly be checking out the updated edition. Hopefully, it'll bring back plenty of other lost NMS players too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.