(Pocket-lint) - No Man's Sky is available in the UK now, having also been released in the US yesterday, 9 August. However, we're still being asked what you actually do in the PlayStation 4 and PC game.

We posted our own guide here, which gives you the basics, but if you are still struggling with the concept comedian Bill Bailey comes to the rescue with a clear and concise explanation. Sort of.

Filmed as part of the UK marketing for No Man's Sky, a video starring the British funny man is now available to watch below. And you get to see some extra games footage that we've not spied before.

"Playing No Man’s Sky is an immersive and fantastical journey of exploration where you can discover and name entire planets, as I did with Bill-topia," said Bailey while playing the game during filming.

"There's plenty more planets to go round, in fact an entire universe of 18 quintillion celestial orbs… (that's 18 billion billion). It's an extraordinary experience to roam around this galactic wonderland. You can lose yourself in new worlds, and the beauty and mystery of space."

No Man's Sky is available now and is already garnering almost as much attention as Pokemon Go.

Writing by Rik Henderson.