(Pocket-lint) - No Man's Sky is one of the most hyped games in console history was finally hit game stores in the US today, 9 August. It will also be released in the UK tomorrow and we expect PS4 and PC gamers will be shut in a darkened room for the best part of the next fortnight in order to savour some of its talents.

However, even before you start you can see some of the delights. Hello Games claims that there are a possible 18 quintillion planets scattered throughout its vast playing field, and because they are procedurally generated, each is totally unique. What's more, you can visit each and every one of them - if you have 585 billion actual years to spare, that is.

To save you some of the time, Eurogamer has posted a video of 50 of them. It gives you an idea of how visually diverse they can be and the graphical nuances the game's colour palette affords.

The game site has been clever in how it has put together the compilation too. It would probably take many, many hours of play in order to visit 50 distinctly different locations. But when the game starts it plonks the player on a brand new planet each time, so Eurogamer has literally started a new game for each clip. It's a clever way of showing variety without the leg work.

So sit back and enjoy visiting 50 of the games' planets. After all, you are statistically highly unlikely to see any of them for real.

Writing by Rik Henderson.