E3 2017 is done and dusted now, and there were plenty of amazing games on show, along with an all-new console in the form of the 4K powerhouse Xbox One X. However, while the convention was jam packed with stuff to see, there were also some previously rumoured and expected games and hardware conspicuous by their absence.

Here we list the games and gaming kit we expected to see at E3 2017 but, for one reason or another, failed to show.

SNES Classic Mini

Luftholen (Flickr)Games Missing From E3 2017 image 5

In the month before the show, several rumours pointed to a new mini console to be launched by Nintendo: the SNES version of its Nintendo Classic Mini.

The previous version - based on the NES - sold out soon after launch at the end of last year and all the signs point to a replacement coming ahead of this Christmas. However, Nintendo kept tight-lipped about any such device during the show or its online showcase livestream.

We still expect the SNES Classic Mini to appear, but it looks like it'll get its own dedicated unveiling in the next couple of months instead.

Red Dead Redemption 2

RockstarGames missing from E3 2017 image 4

We all know that Red Dead Redemption 2 is on its way. We even know it's been delayed to a spring 2018 release. However, many rumours ahead of the PlayStation Media Showcase on the Monday night claimed that Sony had nabbed an exclusive unveiling of gameplay footage and end the press conference with it.

It didn't. It ended with Spider-Man instead.

The Last of Us 2

SonyGames missing from E3 2017 image 3

Perhaps a more surprising absentee from the Sony E3 press conference was The Last of Us 2. Yeah, we don't expect the game to be released for another year, but considering it showed a teaser during its own PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas in December, we would've put money on more of a tease at E3.

But nothing was shown. Nothing. Nada. Cue stunned faces all around us at the venue.

Master Chief

MicrosoftGames Missing From E3 2017 image 6

Despite several glimpses at shiny helmets in trailers - including a cheeky nod to Halo-esque design tropes in the Forza Motorsport 7 unveiling, there was nary a Master Chief in sight. You were more likely to see a Chief cosplayer than an official sniff.

That might be a bit strange considering Microsoft's biggest news was its all-new, all-signing, all-dancing, all-pocket emptying console, the Xbox One X. A 4K upscale of Halo 5 was the least we expected.

2K Games

2K GamesGames Missing From E3 2017 image 7

Instead of just a game or character being missing from the 2K Games stand, the stand itself was completely absent this year.

2K Games might have NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18 coming this year, at the very least, but the company clearly didn't feel they were enough on their own to exhibit at the show.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 2

BethesdaGames Missing From E3 2017 image 8

To be honest, we had heard in the weeks ahead of E3 2017 that there was little likelihood of Skyrim 2 being announced during the Bethesda press conference. Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within 2 were enough in the sequel stakes this year.

We did get to see a bit of Skyrim running on a Nintendo Switch during the Ninty online stream though, which sated our appetites a touch.

Netflix on Switch

Pocket-lintGames missing from E3 2017 image 2

We had partly expected Nintendo to announce its talks with streaming partners, such as Netflix and Amazon, had come to a conclusion - and that Netflix at the very least was heading to Switch soon.

Unfortunately, there's still not a whiff of the streaming service coming to the platform. We're still doomed to carry a Switch and an iPad everywhere we go.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RedGames Missing From E3 2017 image 9

The Witcher developer, CD Projekt Red, didn't exhibit at E3 for the first time in many years and that meant we couldn't get a glimpse of its much-anticipated sci-fi role-player, Cyberpunk 2077.

We'll just have to wait until illegal hackers release design documents online instead. They have threatened to leak stolen files online unless the developer pays a large ransom. It quite rightly will not meet demands.

PlayStation 5

SonyGames Missing From E3 2017 image 10

Although we never thought it would happen, there were some rumblings that Sony would upstage the Microsoft announcement the day before with its own powerful games console that even puts the PS4 Pro to shame.

It was always unlikely though, with a PS5 more likely to be on the cards in 2018 or 2019 instead.

Half-Life 3

ValveGames Missing From E3 2017 image 11

Yeah, every year we hope for something. Every year we are disappointed. E3 2018 anybody? Ahem...