(Pocket-lint) - The world's biggest gaming show is on!

E3 2019 is underway in Los Angeles, but the press events started with EA Play on Saturday so there are plenty of huge game launches to catch up on.

Here then is all the information and announcements you need to know.

What is E3 and what are the opening times?

E3 is a three-day expo for games, with some of the world's biggest publishers and console manufacturers showing the titles that will be coming out later in 2019 and beyond. Some games are announced for the very first time during the show, and many are available to go hands-on with.

It is being held in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center until Thursday 13 June.

This year, general entrance passes are split into two categories: one for public (Gamer Pass), another for industry attendees (Industry Pass). The latter includes press. That's because industry attendees can enter the show early on the first two days to conduct business before the public arrives.

There is also a new Premium Pass on sale this year, that also awards early entry and VIP room access.

E3 2019 opening times

  • Tuesday 11 June: 11am - 7pm PDT (Industry Pass), 2pm - 7pm PDT (Gamer Pass)
  • Wednesday 12 June: 9am - 7pm PDT (Industry Pass), 12pm - 7pm PDT (Gamer Pass)
  • Thursday 13 June: 9am - 6pm PDT (Industry Pass & Gamer Pass)

The major press conferences started the weekend prior to the show and were held off site.

E3 2019 game and console launches

With all the press conferences having taken place, we know some of the biggest game launches.

We've decided to list them by company, based on the announcements.

Bethesda at E3 2019

With no Elder Scrolls 6 nor Starfield at this year's show, Doom Eternal is the main Bethesda game on everybody's lips right now. However, during the company's E3 press conference, it also announced a couple of new titles in the shape of Deathloop, by the same team as Dishonored, and Ghostwire: Tokyo, from the developer of The Evil Within.

There was also new footage of Wolfenstein: Youngblood and a new mobile game in the shape of Commander Keen, for iOS and Android. Those put off by the lack of NPCs in Fallout 76 will also be pleased that a new expansion pack, Fallout 76: Wastelanders, is coming that will add them to the game.

You can read all about the major Bethesda E3 launches here.

EA at E3 2019

EA didn't have a press conference as such, but did unveil gameplay footage and details for some of its 2019 releases in a live event stream on the Saturday before the show. In it, it revealed that FIFA 20 will get a new street football mode, called Volta Football. And we finally got to see gameplay footage of the forthcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

There are new maps coming for Battlefield V, while Madden 20 gets a replacement to Longshot in a new campaign mode called Face of the Franchise. Apex Legends Season 2 was also launched at E3.

Find out more about the major EA E3 launches here.

Nintendo at E3 2019

While we didn't get a new cheaper (or more advanced) Switch at E3 2019, we did get a major surprise from Nintendo and a stack load of new games announcements.

By far and away the most exciting news came in the form of a teaser trailer for the "sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". Not much is know about it right now, but we want. We want a lot.

Other games to get the most amount of airtime in the special Nintendo Direct broadcast included Luigi's Mansion 3, the amazing-looking The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remaster, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Although sadly, the latter has been delayed to a March 2020 release.

And we're pretty sure that every Super Smash Bros Ultimate player will be stoked about the addition of Banjo Kazooie to the roster later this year.

You can read about Nintendo's E3 line-up here.

Square Enix at E3 2019

Naturally, Square Enix focused heavily on the Final Fantasy line-up of games during its E3 press conference. That included the Final Fantasy VII Remake we've all been salivating over for years. Plus, it revealed that a remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII is coming this year in time for the 20th anniversary.

Other remasters include Final Fantasy Chronicles and The Last Remnant. Both of which are available now or coming soon. Another JRPG to catch our eye is Oninaki, from the same studio as I Am Setsuna.

But it wasn't all role-players at the Square Enix event. It also unveiled Outriders, a new co-op shooter developed by People Can Fly, and the game many have been eagerly anticipating, Marvel's Avengers. With Tomb Raider's Crystal Dynamics at the helm of the latter, it certainly looks like everything we've wanted.

You can see all the Square Enix E3 game trailers here.

Ubisoft at E3 2019

Ubisoft put together a great press conference, with Watch Dogs Legion the front-and-centre star. It opened the show and looks like the most intriguing instalment in the series yet. Not only is it set in London (which goes down well around here), but it gives you the ability to recruit and play as literally any person in the open world game.

As well as Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six is getting a new chapter next year in the form of Rainbow Six Quarantine. Where Siege was mainly a PvP multiplayer affair, Quarantine is a co-op shooter with horror very much in its bones.

Another action game we really like the look of is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which stars Jon Bernthal (The Punisher, The Walking Dead) who was on hand to introduce some new footage. Mobile game, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad looks good too, giving you control over some of the great characters from across different game franchises.

Finally, as well as new content for Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor and The Division 2, both Roller Champions and Gods & Monsters were announced as all-new IPs.

You can read more about the different Ubisoft announcements here.

Xbox at E3 2019

The Xbox media event was suitably spectacular and featured the on-stage appearance of Keanu Reeves - who will star in CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077.

However, the main star of the event itself was Project Scarlett - the next-generation Xbox consoles coming "Holiday 2020". It will be four times more powerful than the current high-performer, the Xbox One X, and will be capable of graphics of up to 8K and 120fps. The new console will launch alongside Halo: Infinite.

Xbox Game Pass for PC was also launched, which is available in open beta now, and the biggest news on Microsoft's Project xCloud cloud gaming service is that, when it officially launches in October, Xbox One owners will be able to use their own consoles as servers and play their own games on multiple connected devices wherever they are.

No less that 60 games were announced and shown during the media event, including Gears 5, Minecraft Dungeons, Elden Ring and The Outer Worlds. You can catch up with the main highlights and their trailers here.

Other games and new hardware at E3 2019

You can check out games that are yet to be released for your specific format in our round-ups below - now including E3 announcements:

And here are a few notable E3 2019 absentees

Sadly, while expectations are always at a peak during E3, there are always some let downs and absentees. Here are some of this year's.

Nintendo Switch 2

To be fair on Nintendo, it always said it would launch any new hardware this year. Still, there was a glimmer of hope that it might cheekily slip a word or two in about its next-generation Nintendo Switch 2. Sadly, it wasn't to be.

You can read more on it, however, in our handy guide here: Nintendo Switch 2 specs and features.


Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft confirmed that the long-awaited RPG sequel won't be at E3 this year. We will, however, get a dedicated livestream online soon with an update on its progress.

Half-Life 3

We include it every year, more in hope, but every year we're disappointed.

PlayStation 5

Nope. Just nope.

You can find out more about it here, however.


Although it was teased last year, Bethesda's new role-playing IP was ruled out of an E3 2019 appearance before the show started.

The Elder Scrolls 6

Those hoping to see more on the sequel to Skyrim will also have to wait a bit longer, we're afraid. It's was officially ruled out by Bethesda too.

Naughty Dog / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Last of Us II

No PlayStation means no Last of Us II reveals - not at the show itself, anyway. It could be that Sony will still release a timely State of Play pre-recorded video soon. 

Writing by Rik Henderson.