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(Pocket-lint) - Gaming controllers have evolved through the generations to become the perfect handheld. Now every movement is without thought and the idea of being in discomfort, even after gaming for hours, isn't given much time.

But as they all became refined into one ideal model, they lost personality. Controllers haven't changed much in recent years as optimal shaping has been found as have button and joystick styling. 

The result is a whole host of personalised controllers that express something from the owner. There have also been a bunch that were made to try and get the users moving, most of which have not done so well. While Guitar Hero guitars or physical dance mats have proved popular, it's the other attempts that you've got to laugh at now.

Of course there have been some controllers, though they may not have been a hit, that really showed originality – so they've made the list. From bongos to bowling balls, console manufacturers have apparently tried it all in an attempt to discover the next big hit. 

Nintendo really pushed movement controllers and now that we're entering the age of virtual reality those controllers could find their place once again. The PlayStation's light controllers will be used with the PS VR for a more immersive virtual reality gaming experience, for example. 

Check out the craziest, weirdest, coolest and downright strangest controllers ever to accompany gaming.Maybe some of these could be due a resurgence soon too?

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Writing by Luke Edwards.