If you fancy yourself a pro-level Minecraft constructor, you could get paid for your handiwork - £10,000 to be exact.

The folk over at Elysian Estates', a luxury accommodation website, are looking to hire a Minecraft world builder to recreate ten of their real-world properties in the virtual universe.

The job is listed as "virtual estate builder" and will pay £10,000, meaning a grand per property built. So how do you sign-up to make money for something that you probably do for fun anyway?

To get the job you'll need to show you've got what it takes. The company is asking any potential Minecraft builders to construct its Aldourie Castle in the virtual world. Anyone can apply as long as they're over the age of sixteen.

First up, download the Aldourie Castle photo pack here. Then build the virtual model and send photos or screenshots, along with a CV, to jobs@elysian-estates.co.uk by the 18 April. Then you wait for that big fat check and start Minecraft building full-time.

The listing also states: "Property specialists at Elysian Estates are looking specifically for intricate detail, imagination and creativity. All entries will be judged by the property specialists, who will select and inform the successful 'virtual estate builder' a week later on 25 April via email."

Good luck.

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