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(Pocket-lint) - Telltale Games is now a household name for gamers with successful titles like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones already winning fan's hearts. Now the developer is working on a Batman game.

Since Telltale is famed for focusing on story over button bashing action, how it handles the violence-filled Batman will be very interesting. 


Telltale announced last year it would be creating a Batman game and has now released more details.

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The Batman Telltale game will, like the maker's other titles, focus on the gamer developing the lead character's persona and the story outcome. For this reason you'll be playing as Bruce Wayne as much as you will be as Batman. The decisions you make in Wayne's life will affect the outcome of the game and the choices you have to make as Batman. You'll even have the choice of dealing with issues as Wayne or as Batman.

The character can be developed as either one of "redemption" or one of "corruption". Decide to hit a suspect and you'll go down a darker path than choosing to interrogate them using your charms alone, for example.

The style is described as modern with a gritty feel and "R-rated film" darkness. So expect it to be a cross between the Batman you know from films and that of the comics. However the game won't be going for realism, like the recent films, in favour of the more fantastic world of the comics.

Telltale says the comic book art of the last 75 years will be brought to life. The story won't focus on the likes of Robin and Nightwing, but Telltale confirms you can expect to see the likes of Alfred Pennyworth, Vicki Vale, James Gordon, and Renee Montoya.

The Telltale Batman game is set to arrive this summer.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.