The first episode and prologue pack for Hitman will be released this Friday and to celebrate, Square Enix hired innovative production company Realm Pictures to stage a real life version of the game, with players controlling the movements of Agent 47.

Realm Pictures came to fame after it recreated real life first-person shooters for people on Chatroulette. It was approached to do something similar with Hitman, but has surpassed itself with the end results.

Invite-only contestants, including a team from Outside Xbox, had to control actor David Bateson, who was dressed as Agent 47, through an intricate mansion mission.

They had an hour to assassinate a target and escape unscathed, but like in the forthcoming game there were multiple ways that could be carried out. Costumes and different murder weapons could be found, worn or used.

Contestants could direct Bateson through the mission via radio and additional actors played the target, guards and other NPCs. It's all quite brilliant.

Realm Pictures is already working on its next project, although it is yet to reveal what that will be.

"Trust me when I say that I cannot wait to show you what we have in store for you next," said director David M Reynolds.