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(Pocket-lint) - The Division has only been out a day and already it's throwing up some bizarre memes and talking points.

As soon as the servers went live at 0.01am in Australia on Tuesday, 8 March, players could jump into the most hyped game on the planet right now and it only took some a matter of minutes to realise that they could do things that were either funny, interesting or simply made other players' lives Hell.


The biggest issue that was discovered was that, although for the vast majority of time in the game you never see other players unless you invite them into or are invited to be part of a team, when you are in one of the several safehouses dotted around Manhatten (and Brooklyn at the start of the game) you will be joined by others that are online at the same time. And some of the more troll-like of them have found that when they stand in a doorway, other players can't get round them and out to the action.

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Sadly, that's thanks to a rare feature that was clearly added to improve the game experience rather than hinder it.

The Division issues

Unlike other MMORPGs, with which The Division shares a lot of DNA, Ubisoft chose to give each player model collision detection. That means you cannot simply pass through another player if you are in a safehouse or base. Usually, in games like Elder Scrolls Online, you phase through other players so they cannot get in your way.

By making everybody solid, that has presented a few issues. The doorway can be blocked by idiots. And areas in the safehouses that you need to access, such as the laptop for matchmaking with other gamers, can only be used by a set few at a time.

The doorway issue is the most annoying, but the laptop one has created some funnier moments - not least, queuing. As seen on posts by Twitter user @ncbjd and several YouTube clips like this...

We suspect Ubisoft will be looking to push a solution for both problems, maybe remove player collision detection in safehouses altogether, although you would still need it in the PVP areas in the Dark Zone, for example. For now though, some Reddit users have found what they claim to be solutions for getting in or out of a doorway blocked by a griefer.

How to stop The Division doorway trolls, here's a fix

According to inaudible101, if you run rather than walk at the other player you will phase through them after a few seconds. You must keep going though until you phase through. Turning will reset the process.

It's a trick confirmed by one of the developers at Ubisoft's Massive studio.

Apparently, it also works in the Dark Zone to prevent players trapping each other in corners.

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We haven't tried the fix ourselves as we've not been able to find any griefers in the last couple of hours. Maybe they've all got bored and wandered off. Oh, we should be so lucky.

Another fix apparently works on the first safehouse you encounter. Reddit user Zaphrell suggests that by highlighting the wall behind the troll on the outside of the room, you can run through them as part of the cover routine. We haven't been able to get that to work anywhere else however.

The Division tips, tricks and hilarious moments

Whenever we find anything else in the game that we think is noteworthy or makes us giggle like school children, we'll post them here in updates.

Writing by Rik Henderson.