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(Pocket-lint) - Two of Valve's greatest games have to be Half-Life and Portal. So what better way to combine the two than making a real-world VFX filled video of the two main characters doing battle, over cake?

The short film shows what happens when Portal's Chell has her cake taken by Half-Life's Doctor Gordon Freeman. Not a happy pair. The ensuing battle, featuring portal's self-titled portal gun and Half-Life's gravity gun, is pretty brilliant.


Created by Andrew McCurray, this is one of several YouTube game-inspired videos the director and actor has come up with. Clearly visual effects have played a large part but the costumes and character casting are great too. Also the audio effects are spot on, using sound effects from each of the games to really immerse you.

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Some great nods to Half-Life we enjoy were the crow bar playing a part, ammo depletion audio and those boxes being searched mid-battle, a classic gaming move that seems so silly in a real-world video scenario. Then there's the use of the portal gun combined with an incoming object that's simply brilliant.

Check out the video for a really immersive Valve experience, we’ve done it several times today already and can't wait for more.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.