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(Pocket-lint) - Counting cash is so 2015.

Monopoly has kicked off the new year by releasing a new edition of Monopoly called Ultimate Banking. It's kind of hard to keep the many, many, many editions of Monopoly straight at this point, but this new one stands out because it got rid of cash altogether. No longer will you be able to count that paper money (or, for some of you cheaters out there, steal from the bank), as Ultimate Banking uses debit cards instead of bills.


The game also ditched the Banker position - which is awesome, quite frankly, considering it was the easiest way to launder and steal and cheat. Instead, all financial transactions will need to be placed using an electronic card reader that serves as the game's ATM. Not only are the players' debit cards machine-readable but so aren't the property cards. Players just need to scan the property's bar code and their cash card.

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Once the ATM sees the player's balance, the funds will be deducted, or if need be, transferred between players. And voila! Hasbro's Monopoly just stepped into the 21st century. This game also spiced things up with new chance cards, called Life events, which cause rents to fluctuate.

Ultimate Banking will land in stores this summer or autumn for about $25. There's no word yet on UK availability.

Writing by Elyse Betters.