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(Pocket-lint) - UK retailer Game has listed a one-off, exclusive game bundle that will set you back a cool $10 million (£7 million).

That's enough to buy you a mega-yacht, Steve McQueen's 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4, or one of Lionel Messi's toenails. However, if you'd rather splash the cash on a game and a bunch of exclusive incentives to go with it instead, Game has something up your ludicrously affluent alley.


A version of the new Dying Light: The Following, which features the original Dying Light zombie game and the new The Following expansion, is available for that mammoth sum from Game's online store. In fact, you get four copies across the formats - PS4, Xbox One and PC - all signed by the development team.

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That's not all though. Of course it isn't. With Dying Light: The Following - Spotlight Edition you also get a speaking part in the forthcoming Dying Light: The Movie, plus an acting coach to make sure you don't fudge it up.

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Other bonuses include stunt/parkour training, a personal trailer to chill in when on set, an off road driving course, a copy of the script (which you'd need anyway, considering you'll be in it), 10 VIP tickets to the film's opening night, an FX make-up session - presumably to turn you into a zombie - and the opportunity to be Kyle Crane's voice in the game for a special edition of your very own.

Gamethis videogame will cost you a cool 10 million can you guess what it is  image 2

If it was down to us, we'd go for Steve McQueen's car, but there will likely be someone with more money than sense out there that just might jump at the Game offer - PR stunt or no. After all, someone bought Wu Tang Clan's one-off album for "millions".

Writing by Rik Henderson.