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(Pocket-lint) - While wandering the massive halls of the CES trade show in Las Vegas each year, we often find some weird and wonderful tech demos or gadgets. However, with our ongoing love of Fallout 4 there was only one thing at this year's show that stole our award for weirdest experience.

Thanks to Intel, we spent a good five minutes or so playing as ourself in Fallout 4.


Extolling the benefits of its RealSense technology, Intel offered CES goers the chance to be scanned and turned into a 3D model for a variety of reasons. One of those was to have your face projected onto giant mannequins on its show booth. However, the experience that caught our eye the most was the chance to be added to Fallout 4 and play as ourself in the game.

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Pocket-lintis there anything better than being put into fallout 4 by intel  image 16

Using a HP laptop, a staff member scanned eager parties with the RealSense cameras and itSeez3D application. This then rendered a high res, fully three-dimensional version of the subject's head and shoulders, which were then sent into the cloud.

We obviously could observe our own scanning process, so watched as the demonstrator moved around another punter. In effect, the app made a grey, clay-like 3D avatar and then mapped on photos taken at the same time.

We were shown our end results, first in low then high resolution after it was rendered and the end result was sent into the cloud.

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Another operative then took our digitised self and brought it into software called Uraniom. Our head was then placed onto a Fallout 4 character's body, tweaked - including mapping where the eyes and mouth were placed - and then saved to be added to the game through a PC mod.

The game started and the following five minutes were a bit freaky as we played a game we are already familiar with in a non-familiar way. Seeing ourself flying around in a jetpack-laden power suit and taking out a gang of raiders was quite simply awesome.

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It was over in a flash, to be honest, and we wish we could have kept a copy of the avatar afterwards. But considering we're playing Fallout 4 on Xbox One, we couldn't have added it into our game anway - it only works through a PC mod.

Nonetheless, that's another ticked off our bucketlist (one we didn't realise was on it until just then). And we have finally seen a use for Intel RealSense technology that we think everybody would enjoy.

Writing by Rik Henderson.