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(Pocket-lint) - Square Enix has announced in Japan that one of its most beloved role-playing classics of the early 2000s will soon be playable on both mobile devices and PCs. It's updating Final Fantasy IX for the modern era.

The company said we can expect it to arrive sometime in 2016. The game will initially release in Japan. Although there's no word yet on when it'll arrive in North America or Europe, all other Final Fantasy ports were released in those markets, so it'll surely arrive at some point. Square only specified that the game is coming to not only iOS but also Android.


That last bit should make FF fans happy, considering they've yet to receive an Android port of Final Fantasy VII. Speaking of that port, Square updated it with modern game features, and it is promising to do the same with FFIX. The title will launch with auto save, a high-speed mode, and high-definition graphics.

Square also published a game trailer for the upcoming port. The video's description notes that over 5 million copies of FFIX have been sold since its release. Beyond that, the trailer itself doesn't reveal too much about how Square is changing the game. We only see higher-resolution versions of characters and a slightly different battle interface.

FFIX originally released in 2000 and is the ninth title in the Final Fantasy series as well as the last to debut on the original PlayStation console.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.