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(Pocket-lint) - Although much of Fallout 4 stays true to Fallout 3 and New Vegas, with the role-playing elements, even visuals remaining familiar though they have been enhanced for this generation of consoles, one of the new features has become an online hit.

Base building is now an important part of the franchise, with settlements able to be customised and expanded on in quite incredible ways.


Materials can be collected around the wastelands of the Commonwealth or Boston - where the game is set - and used to create buildings and even towns for other, computer-controlled settlers to live in. Indeed, some of the early missions even ask you to build up a base for a group you discover, teaching you the basics of settlement creation along the way.

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Some players though have taken those skills to a whole new level, by focusing almost entirely on building the most magnificent settlements and places where they and others can camp. Some even have purposes other than aesthetic. And several would take a whole army of raiders to breach.

We've rounded up some of the best we've found around the internet in a gallery that you can flick through above. Some of them did, admittedly, use modding tools on the PC version to change some of the aspects in their favour. That includes, in some cases, resize mods, and often one to change the cap on building, which limits the size of a settlement.

However, you can be guaranteed that after seeing them they will all inspire you to look a bit harder on your travels for those extra crafting items in future.

Writing by Rik Henderson.