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(Pocket-lint) - Everybody loves Fallout 4, even the guys over at Forza Motorsport 6. Now Xbox has shown off a Fallout 4 car and teased another that Forza Motorsport 6 owners will soon be able to race.

From today Forza Motorsport 6 owners will receive an exclusive Fallout 4 themed Ford F100 truck to drive in the game on Xbox One. An early treat for those that can't wait for that 10 November Fallout 4 release date then.


Xbox has also teased another Fallout 4 car that will be coming soon "for a limited time", this will be a "super sleek Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe – the future of speed!", says Xbox.

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The Ford F100 truck has all the rusting and wear you'd expect from a post-apocalyptic set of wheels. It still keeps that fifties feel with white ball tyres and a wooden rear carry section. This model is in sky blue, what's left of that paint job anyway. There's also Fallout 4 livery in the form of the Vault-Tec name on the bonnet side and Pip-Boy himself on the door.

The Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe was teased at the end of the below reveal video, showing a sports car with bubble top lid and large fins. It looks like a concept car in the fifties of what designers imagined future cars would look like. Here's hoping, despite the wheels, it can fly too.

These cars both appear to be Xbox One exclusives at this stage.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.