Gamescom 2015 is underway and kicking-off the show from Germany is an Xbox launch event.

As expected there are plenty of trailers appearing out of Gamescom. Some are for games that have already been announced at E3 or last year at Gamescom but there's still plenty new.

Plenty of new gameplay footage has appeared and we've collected all the best bit right here.

Quantum Break

From Remedy Games this was first shown off at last year's Gamescom. Jack Joyce is a superhero who can control time and is on a mission to uncover the truth about his brother's disappearance.

Crackdown 3

This open world game is being dubbed, by its creators, as the "ultimate sandbox". From running across building to driving future vehicles the new footage looks very promising.

First shown at E3 this is the first in-game footage showing just what will be coming. Using Microsoft cloud you can access more than 20 times the power of your Xbox One. That means a completely destructible city that looks stunning.


The power of a dragon in an ancient weapon world of swords and magic? Yes please.

The new gameplay footage shows just how powerful your "pet" dragon can be in battle. Announced this year is 4-player co-op gaming, which takes the enemies in the game to a dizzying scale.

Killer Instinct 3

Killer Instinct fans rejoice, new footage of the game has been shown off.

Not just new footage but a new character in Battletoad. Enjoy the ass-kicking trailer.

We Happy Few

This title looks utterly brilliantly mad, creepy and scary all at the same time.

If Clockwork Orange and BioShock has a creepy child. We can't wait.

Homefront The Revolution

The story of an occupied America fighting to take back its control. 

Using gadgets and co-operative smarts this game looks stunning in the trailer.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is coming, to much excitement. After a teaser trailer at E3 this new trailer should have fans even more excited.

The trailer has a real Lord of the Rings feel and shows off some stunning and dramatic looking backdrops. There's even a dead dragon in one shot. Then it cuts to gameplay and the graphics remain stunning while character movements are smooth. This is shaping up to be a real winner.

Lego Dimensions Worlds

The new Lego Dimensions Worlds game takes players beyond the Starter Pack with more to explore.

Use characters and worlds from everything Lego has to offer. From DC Comics and Lord of The Rings to Back to the Future and Simpsons, it's all there.

Super Smash Bros. First Person

This is less of a trailer and more a bit of fun created by SoKrispyMedia. But with head worn VR it might be here one day. We can hope.

Mad Max Stronghold

Could Mad Max be a first film to game adaption that works really well? It's a tough genre to survive but from this trailer it looks like it may just do that, much like Max himself.

PES 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer has been on the back foot for a while now with FIFA owning the limelight. This may change that.

PES 2016 looks exciting, good enough to take the top spot again? We'll have to wait and see.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Snipers versus fighter jets, sneak attacks and top graphics make this look amazing.

The fact that the story should be dense and exciting just adds to the desire we're feeling for the release of this title, at last.

Mafia 3

The third instalment of the Mafia series has been a big hit at Gamescom 2015. 

Check out the next-gen graphical trailer of the gangster classic.

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