It's not that we're ungrateful. The E3 gaming expo was a bumper show in 2015, with oodles of top titles shown off and the promise of plenty more to come over coming months and year.

But we're greedy. Yes Fallout 4, The Last Guardian, Dishonored 2, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and plenty more filled the spot, but there were a number of no-shows that we're still pining to see.

Perhaps some will show face at E3 2016 instead? Here's our list of 10 sequels that we hoped to see at E3 2015, but that didn't show.

The Last Of Us 2

There was a strong rumour that this would be Sony's "just one more thing" closing moment at its Monday press conference. Instead it topped and tailed the event with The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, both of which dazzled.

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Still, there's not been a game quite as marvelous as The Last Of Us since, well, the last Last Of Us. And yes, that's a lot of lasts to feature in one sentence.

Of course the game's developer, Naughty Dog, has been just a wee bit busy preparing the latest Uncharted title, so perhaps it's no surprise that there's a wait for the sequel – if it happens at all, of course.

We hope it does, as after playing the Remastered edition on PS4 we suspect The Last Of Us 2 could be a visually delightful feat, as well as an engrossing story... smeared with the usual zombie blood and guts.

Super Mario Galaxy 3

It's Mario's 30th birthday in 2015! So we get Mario Maker, a construct-your-own level builder that, we must say, is very cool.

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But it's not Super Mario Galaxy 3, is it? And of the Wii's Mario titles, it's those two anti-gravity run-around-the-worlds (literally) titles that are among our favourites.

Isn't it about time we got to see such ingenious level design on the Wii U? We get a feeling the next 3D Mario game will be a Nintendo NX title, bypassing the Wii U entirely, though. That console, more than any other, needs an ultra-strong line-up to keep Nintendo's foot in the door.

Zelda Wii U

We knew that Zelda Wii U wasn't going to show at this year's E3, as Nintendo had already said so. But we were really hoping to see the open-world epic up close.

The big question is why it's being held back? Perhaps, with the anticipation of a delayed 2016 release date, the game will instead arrive as a launch title for Nintendo NX. We hope that's not to case, as we're ready for some more Link. But getting this game absolutely right is crucial for Nintendo.

Heavy Rain 2 / new Quantic Dream title

Remember The Dark Sorcerer, that hilarious trailer by Quantic Dream at the Sony E3 conference in 2013? It's made us wonder where David Cage's development team's first PlayStation 4 title has got to.

Not that The Dark Sorcerer will be a game. Heavy Rain 2, the point-and-click-style adventure, might be reaching a bit too, as Quantic Dream has driven forth with new IPs time and again.

We're big fans of this studio though, so when a game does arrive we're confident it'll be every bit as high-end as previous titles. Beyond: Two Souls was a PS3 favourite too.

Gran Turismo 7

Designer Kazunori Yamauchi's racing series, from studio Polyphony Digital, is about as close to perfection as a racer can get. Which is probably the exact reason we're not smelt a whiff of GT7's burning rubber just yet.

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We know it's in the works though, as confirmed by Yamauchi in an interview with Famitsu back in 2013. Notorious for releasing games late, though, the PlayStation 4 Gran Turismo 7 reality already seems to have slipped its schedule. It was meant to be out this year, but without so much as a frame shown off, we suspect even late 2016 is an optimistic outlook.

Portal 3

The first-person puzzle game to beat all others, Portal 2 was one of our favourtie gaming moments ever. Rarely is something so genius, so accessible, and yet so different to anything else ever made.

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That was four years ago. And given that title's success, surely publisher Valve has the incentive to be working on the follow-up, complete with comedy one-liners and new-gen graphics wonderment?

We're making ourselves salivate at the idea of this one. With the oft five-year gaming cycle, it's a good shout for E3 2016. Fingers crossed.

Half-Life 3

The first-person shooter from Valve is one of the best ever, with a huge following. But it's been years since the last title.

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However, there's still hope. In a collaboration with Arkane Studios (BioShock 2, Dishonored), work had begun on a new Half-Life game, but it was cancelled some years ago.

Now that Valve is in Steam Box production mode and various lawsuits have been settled with prior publishers, perhaps it will clear the decks and link up with a new developer in the near future. Maybe it'll be the surprise E3 2017 announcement, a full decade after the last game in the series.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar isn't the kind of company to use E3 as a platform to promote its games, often going it alone and making big announcements that stop the whole gaming world in its tracks. But, for now, all is quiet.

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Now that the studio's Grand Theft Auto 5 is done and dusted for all formats, including the latest PC launch, we suspect that a chunk of the Rockstar teams are working on something new. And with Red Dead Redemption so well received when released back in 2010, it seems the most likely title to serve with new-gen attention.

Think about it: Red Dead with a GTA 5 style multiple character gameplay, set out in the wild west. Oh yes. Please make it happen for 2016.

Silent Hills back in production

The sad thing about Silent Hills is that we know it's been cancelled. Konami has confirmed this, despite putting a snippet of the game out for public demo in 2014.

But that kind of makes us want the first-person horror game even more. And with rumours of Microsoft buying the rights for an exorbitant amount of money, there was the suggestion that the title might make a reappearance at this year's E3 show.

It wasn't to be, however, but maybe this will be a bit like The Last Guardian and reappear in five years' time. We do love a surprise. Especially one that's as good as Silent Hills seemed to be.

Titanfall 2

Development of the Titanfall sequel was confirmed by Respawn Entertainment some months ago, but we're still waiting with baited breath to see what the follow-up first-person shooter has to offer.

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The original title was one of the freshest of its genre, melding flying mech suits (those'll be the Titans, then) and speedy navigation with traditional first-person fun.

Titanfall 2 needs to do something extra special to standout from the crowd, especially given the number of jetpacks spotted in first-person games since (Call of Duty, etc), but we reckon Respawn can pull something special out of the bag. There's plenty of time.