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(Pocket-lint) - Remember Shenmue and Shenmue II, the vast RPG games that launched originally on the Sega Dreamcast 15 years ago? Well thanks to the power of Kickstarter a third instalment is about to be made.

Announced on stage at Sony's E3 press conference in LA with a project target of $2m, the game has smashed through the goal within 12 hours making it one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the service.


Creator Yu Suzuki appeared on stage at the Sony event to say that he chose to crowd-fund the project to let fans have more of a role in bringing the game to life.

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The Kickstarter features a number of different pledges. Gamers can choose from pledging just $5 to be involved in surveys, to paying up to $300 for a signed Kickstarter collector's edition sets that included signed illustrations, a soundtrack and extra game elements.

Gamers who wanted to really show their support were asked to pay $10,000 to be able to have dinner with creator Suzuki in September 2016 plus get an original script set from Shenmue 1 and 2. The three places have already gone.

The story follows on where Shenmue 2 left off with Ryo Hazuki making his way to China in search of his father’s killer.

According to Suzuki there he meets a new travelling companion, Shenhua, and learns of a legend from her village that has foretold their path together.

The story continues as Ryo and Shenhua start off on a new journey that will take them farther into enemy territory, deeper into mystery, and ever closer to their destiny.

Will the mystery of the mirrors be revealed? How is Ryo's father connected to all of this? Will Ryo track down the Chi You Men cartel and face Lan Di in a final showdown?

Suzuki has promised that with more money more features will be added to the game. 

Gamers should find out what happens next when the game ships in December 2017.

Writing by Stuart Miles.