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(Pocket-lint) - The PC versus console gaming battle is one that rages unabated and Corsair is throwing its hat into the ring with Bulldog, a PC designed for the living room.

Unveiled at Computex 2015, the Bulldog is designed as a DIY gaming PC for your living room, complete with a console-style chassis that you can slip alongside your set-top box.


The concept here is to put your fancy 4K TV to better use. Rather than just streaming 4K Netflix, you'll be working those pixels with the very best gaming around, beyond the capabilities of current consoles.

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Of course you'll have to build your PC inside Bulldog first. The kit comes with a proprietary liquid CPU cooler, with the ultimate aim of giving you a PC that runs cooler and quieter than a conventional machine.

There's an optional GPU cooler available too and Corsair has partnered with Nvidia and MSI to incorporate liquid cooling into a number of GeForce graphics cards, including the GTX 980Ti, GTX Titan X, GTX 980 and GTX 970.

For the price of $399 (£260) you get the chassis, SFX power supply, mini-ITX motherboard and the liquid CPU cooler. You'll have to source the rest of this gaming machine yourself and build to your own spec.

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But as this is the foundation for a proper gaming PC, you'll need a keyboard and mouse: that's what Lapdog swings in.

Lapdog is a "gaming control centre". It's wired to your Bulldog to avoid latency, giving you a keyboard and large mouse pad, with a USB hub to connect your essential peripherals.

It's available with or without the keyboard and designed to give you stable gaming controls when sitting on the couch, thanks to the memory foam padding underneath. It will cost $99 (no keyboard) or $199 (with keyboard).

Bulldog and Lapdog are expected to be available in late 2015.

Writing by Chris Hall.