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(Pocket-lint) - If, like us, you've been playing your way through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since its release a couple of weeks ago you will have noticed that there are plenty of Easter eggs and in-jokes to be found.

We've already heard the phrase "get the gimp, the gimp's sleeping" in the Bloody Baron's keep, referencing the famous scene in Pulp Fiction. And there are reports of sightings of Jon Snow's sword from Game of Thrones and Monty Python quotes being uttered by non-player characters throughout. But by far the creepiest Easter egg found so far has to be the inclusion of a couple of the best Doctor Who monsters created in modern times.


When visiting a church near Lindenvale, you spot a couple of familiar angel style statues outside. Enter and leave again and they've moved. Turn your back on them again and, well, the rest is as spooky as it comes.

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Yep, CD Projekt Red has included a homage to the Weeping Angels, our favourite Doctor Who enemies since the series returned to UK screens.

First introduced in 2007, in the episode "Blink", the Weeping Angels are statues until you are no longer looking. Then they get you. Shudder.

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Luckily somebody else managed to capture a video of them in The Witcher 3 without us having to travel there ourselves. Enjoy xGarbett's YouTube clip and remember, don't blink!

Writing by Rik Henderson.