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(Pocket-lint) - Rovio just gave one of its most popular video game franchises a virtual reality twist.

The Finnish app developer is well-known for Angry Birds, a game franchise that stars a bunch of wingless birds. It released in 2009 for iOS devices and has since spawned cross-platform sequels and become a franchise. Within the last five years, Rovio has collaborated with other companies to create Angry Birds-themed merchandise, theme parks, a TV series, an upcoming animated film, and more.

But it's most recently created a virtual reality experienced based on the popular video game. It's called Angry Birds VR, naturally, and it was demonstrated this past weekend at the Rock in Rio festival in Las Vegas. According to Roadtovr.com, the new game switches from the classic side-scrolling view to a behind-the-birds view. The image below also indicates players were dealt new types of challenges.

It's assumed that players - while donning Samsung’s Gear VR headset - saw white rings in the bird’s trajectory, and then they must've used their heads to navigate the bird through the rings. Only VIP pass holders at the Rock in Rio event were allowed to try the experience, which reportedly featured landmarks from the event's venue, meaning Angry Birds VR could just be a promotional thing for Rock in Rio.

Imgnation: https://twitter.com/imgnationbr/status/597833128531664896/photo/1angry birds in virtual reality is a real thing but is it coming to everyone  image 2

It's unclear if Rovio plans to launch Angry Birds VR for consumers who own Gear VR headsets, but keep in mind Imangi Studios, which makes the popular game Temple Run, recently released a VR version of that title on Gear VR.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 12 May 2015.