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(Pocket-lint) - Imagine virtual reality finally being exciting? That's what The Void aims to achieve by merging real world and virtual environments for a live action role playing event. The result is fully immersive gaming like nothing we've seen before.

Using a VR headset that its makers claim will be better than anything on the market right now, The Void lets you move around with a physical "weapon" in real rooms. Since the virtual world is overlaid you shouldn't even bump your head, although the rooms are foam padded just in case.

The virtual experience should also have more reality mixed in as you'll also be able to feel. The Void will be a 4D experience with real steam, water and even cobwebs to walk through. There's also a simulator machine for levels that involve vehicles, like flying fighter planes.

The Void headset is being worked on now and will feature a curved display with up to 180-degrees of view. There is also a body tracking system using an armour-like vest and gloves with in-built microprocessors. The end result should be clear virtual worlds with no lag, even while up to 10 players are together.

The Void is going to be like a Laser Quest experience that lasts about half an hour, but with way more immersion. It will be located in Salt Lake City and should open by summer 2016. The plan is to expand globally with new VR experiences added every three months. No pricing was mentioned but it should be "affordable".

Seeing how angry gamers get online we imagine it'll only be a matter of time before things get physical in this world too.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.