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(Pocket-lint) - The Bluetooth recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum, currently available for pre-order and coming soon, will be packaged with a stack of games on its release, including a trio of classics that will be exclusive to the platform.

Matthew Smith's Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy will be joined by platform great Chuckie Egg as part of the " huge" game bundle owners of the new device will be able to access. They will playable on any of a large list of compatible devices and using the ZX Spectrum controller to make the experience as authentic as possible.

The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a full size replica of the original computer from 1982, rubber keys and all, and can even be used as a conventional Bluetooth keyboard for tablets, smartphones and even connected TVs.

It is being released by Elite Systems, the original software publisher of a myriad of original Spectrum classics in their own rights, including Kokotoni Wilf, Frank Bruno's Boxing and many arcade conversions, such as Bomb Jack and Commando.

The company previously released a Spectrum emulator and game packs for iPad and iPhone, but the keyboard device will come with its own dedicated applications for iOS, Android and some Smart TV platforms. Mac and PC access to games will be available through online web apps to follow.

Versions of Sinclair Basic (48K and 128K) will also be available to buyers of the device.

It retails for £99.95 and there are several retailers offering it for pre-order now.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.