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(Pocket-lint) - If you're not a fan of watching people play games, we understand. But when it comes to The Last of Us things are different. That game is so cinematic that a well executed playthrough could be as good as a TV show.

That's why a super fan has edited and choreographed the entire game into a seven episode mini series. Each half hour episode took about 20 hours to make.


Titled, The Last of Us Cinematic Playthrough, these videos bridge the gap between gaming and TV. While it's essentially watching someone play the game it's also a way to share the amazing story and character of The Last of Us without having to invest time and money in the game. An ideal way to share the experience with someone you know would love it but who isn't into gaming.

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Each scene has been choreographed ahead of time to make for the best result. Hence taking so long to make. So it should be more entertaining than watching someone on Twitch play through a game. In fact without HUD details and with pure in-game audio it should live up to that cinematic title claim.

Creator Grant Voegtle says: "I was hearing that people wanted to share the story of The Last of Us with their family, but they just didn't have the time to have them sit down and play the entire game. Hearing that and knowing that I could do that for people — that's been the most motivating thing so far to keep me working on it."

Here's the trailer which links to the entire series that's free to watch on YouTube. Enjoy.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.