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(Pocket-lint) - As part of Microsoft's second keynote at this year's Build developers conference, the company showed a live demo created by Final Fantasy developer Square Enix which illustrated the graphical prowess of DirectX 12. And if this is the future for the Japanese role-playing game series, it's one we very much want to be a part of.

Short and sweet, the demo showed a witch crying, after zooming through a canyon and the detail was incredible. The lighting model was better than what we've seen of Final Fantasy XV so far, and we were told that 63 million polygons were used to create each scene.

Many of those were tasked to rendering the (young) witch's hair, with each strand or bundle representing a different polygon. Skin tones and detail were also incredible, even when displayed on the enormous projection screens in the keynote staging area.

But what was most impressive is that after we had seen what we thought was a pre-rendered sequence, Microsoft showed that the demo was live action and could be manually manipulated. Camera angles could be changed, and the lighting could be altered based on the position of the sun.

It was, in short, remarkable and a true example of what the current generation of games development could be capable of. Check out the gallery of pictures above, that we took during the event, to see for yourself.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.