(Pocket-lint) - The internet can be a fun place, no less so than gaming forums keen to join the dots in such a way that you have to question not only certain stories, but even your very own existence. 

The latest plausible, but also crackpot theory, is that Doctor Sergio Canavero, the doctor who is proposing the world's first head transplant, is actually not a real doctor. But an actor helping Konami sell copies of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain due out in September. We told you it was far fetched, didn't we?

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In this alternate universe anything is believable especially when you don't bother to contact the doctor in question. Still, that hasn't stopped a forum of gamers at Neogaf treating these facts or coincidences as if they were a third gunman on the grassy knoll.  

Crazy fact 1


The similarity between the real world Dr Sergio and the doctor in Metal Gear Solid, as you can see in the above image is too good not to focus on. Of course there is a chance the game developers simply modelled the doctor on the real world Dr Sergio, or that any slightly beardy bald headed doctor with glasses look the same, but heck, why should that stop a good conspiracy theory. 

Crazy fact 2

Dr Sergio's procedure, dubbed "Gemini" was submitted as a scientific article on 29 March 2013, two days after Metal Gear Solid V was revealed. Gemini were characters in Metal Gear Solid who, you guessed it, had cybernetic heads.

Crazy fact 3

The name of the person getting the head transplant is Val Spiridonov. This is also the name of a game development supervisor.

Crazy fact 4

The TED event held by Dr Sergio was an independently organised talk called TEDx Limassol. This is an anagram for Solid Metals - bit of a stretch there we know. What's more compelling however, was the logo used at the event which says: "Everything you know is wrong". Sure, it could refer to our perception on head transplants but it could also be a rather blatant tease. Also the TED talk partner for the event was a gaming site who has an office in Cyprus - a location in the game.

Crazy fact 5

Photos of the game have already, apparently, teased a possible head transplant. The question we have here is why you would want to replace his head when he is already missing an arm? 


Crazy fact 6

Dr Sergio's book contains chapters with titles including Heaven and Frontiers. Outer Heaven and the Militaires Sans Frontières were private military groups created by Big Boss in the Metal Gear Solid gaming series, so that must be a creditable link, right?

Even crazier fact 7 

Doctor Sergio Canavero posing for a photo shoot which involves a head on a platter.

Writing by Luke Edwards.