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(Pocket-lint) - Danish PS4 owners could nab a copy of the PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne on its release in exchange for their own blood. The GivBlod association in Denmark is offering copies of the game to prospective blood donors in order to top up its reserves.

The incentive has been created in partnership with PlayStation Denmark and not every participant will get a copy of FromSoftware's Bloodborne. Other games are on offer too, with a dice roll determining which one each donor goes home with. Participants can even walk away with a Bloodborne-themed PS4. Well, after a bit of a sit down and a sugary cup of tea, we would imagine.

The scheme will take place in Copenhagen on 23 March from noon to 5pm at the capital's IT University.

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Bloodborne itself will be released in the UK on 27 March and is highly-anticipated, coming from the same mastermind and studio behind Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. Both of those games were huge critical hits, despite appearing somewhat under the radar of bigger releases and being incredibly tough.

PlayStation Denmarkyou can pay for bloodborne with your own blood as long as you’re danish image 2

They are both lauded, especially by hardcore gamers. And from what Pocket-lint has seen of Bloodborne so far, the same fans will be just as thrilled by the PS4 title.

Writing by Rik Henderson.