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(Pocket-lint) - Just when you thought you couldn't wait any longer for more Game of Thrones, Monopoly has stepped in. There is now a Game of Thrones version of the Monopoly board game due to come out later this year.

It might be a stretch to presume all fantasy fans are also board game lovers but nonetheless Monopoly has certainly targeted its next partnership well. Bringing Game of Thrones to a board game that focuses on control, wealth and power couldn’t be a better match to the series which focuses on all these things heavily.


Classic locations are replaced with familiar fantasy spots for Game of Thrones fans. The Old Kent Road is Caster's Keep, Whitechapel is Fist of the First Men and Mayfair is, of course, King's Landing. Train stations are replaced with families and their bannermen while free parking inexplicably remains.

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Playing pieces are a dragon egg, a three-eyed raven, a white walker, a direwolf, a drown and the Iron Throne. The green houses Monopoly fans know and love are now villages while red hotels are keeps.

The Game of Thrones edition Monopoly has had a rating upgrade from the classic, moving it from over eight years old to over eighteen only.

Game of Thrones Monopoly will be available in the US later this year for $60 which is about £40. This was announced by HBO, which isn't in the UK, so when the board game will makes its way across the pond isn't clear, yet.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.