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(Pocket-lint) - Talk to any gamer for more than a minute, and you'll quickly learn that most of them are total geeks for spectacular visual graphics. That said, we think a new tech demo called Unreal Paris, created using the latest Unreal Engine, will blow their minds.

Unreal Engine 4 first debuted in 2013, so many of you probably already know what it can or cannot do, but a level designer and computer graphics artist decided to use the technology to turn an apartment in Paris into a video demo that seems like a game made for Oculus Rift.


Benoît Dereau just released his video demo, and watching it makes you feel as though you're walking through a 3D-model of an Ikea catalogue, complete with realistic shadows, reflections, and textures. It all looks more like a series of stunning photographs rather than graphics.

The apartment has several rooms, including a bedroom, hallways, and a full bathroom, and each of them are rich with details. You can even see sun rays as they pour in through the windows. It's beautiful and almost interactive. But alas, we must remember that this is merely a showcase.

Dereau revealed in the Polycount forums that he didn't focus on optimisation - even though his graphics can be generated with a standard PC or lower-cost engine - but rather texture, surfaces, and lighting effects. He also plans to release an actual build demo tomorrow via his website.

Until then, watch Dereau's Unreal Paris video above. And keep your fingers crossed that this type of visual fidelity becomes more common across your favourite games and platforms soon.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.