Completing a game nowadays is just part of the challenge in most open world titles. It's finding original ways to use the environment, in the most extreme way possible, that wins the online cred.

We've scoured the best videos online to find examples of digital daring with the best in-game stunts the internet has to offer.

From taking bikes off buildings in GTA V to flying the wingsuit through tight spaces in Far Cry 4, these stunts will make you want to play your completed games again, from a whole new perspective.

Far Cry 4 wasn't just created to look stunning before being filled with violence, it's beauty can be taken in too. That's why gamer Danny Rusk has performed a series of stunts using the wingsuit.

If this were real world stuff we'd be on the edge of our seats. That said we did find ourselves holding our breath at certain points – we can only imagine how many fails it took to get these just right.

Grand Theft Auto might be one of the most common places where stunts are recorded and shown off online on such a huge scale. GTA V, with stunning graphics and the vast expanses of potential stunt spots, offers even more madness.

Here are some of the best GTA V stunts online right now.

Just Cause 2 was famed for its real-world physics. The use of a grappling hook to tie objects together was genius that made some pretty crazy stunts possible. That and some hilarious glitches.

An oldie but a goody. And by good we mean quite possibly one of the best in-game stunts ever pulled off.

To be a rally game there needs to be drift, but this takes it to another level.

Tower to Tower in Halo was one of the toughest stunts to pull off in any game ever, this video explains the whole process and everyone that tried to pull it off.

For stunts that require serious planning and brain power you don't have to look much further than Portal 2.

Crashes, smashes and near misses are what this game is all about so stunts weren't hard to find.

First person shooters aren't the easiest games to pull-off stunts in. It helps then that a third person view while in vehicles facilitated jaw-dropping tricks like these.

Skyrim stunt videos use the term loosely a bit like how Jackass self-abuse is called stunts, but with those views we're not complaining.

Yup that's a thing that actually happened in a game. A nod to the stunt from 1942 as shown above perhaps?

Best. Shot. Ever.

How long this took to build boggles the brain, but it was worth every minute.

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