The 2015 Super Bowl - or the "XLIX" event for those who love a Roman numeral or the first names of prospective Star Wars characters - will kick off on 1 February and that means we can soon expect to see leaks and hype for the adverts that run during half-time. It's a massive time slot in the US, so companies make extra effort with their commercials and they can sometimes be as engaging as the action on the field.

Details and, indeed, pictures of one of the ads have appeared online already. And even from the overhead shots of the set being built in downtown Los Angeles, we think it could turn out to be one of our favourites this year.

Bud Light has constructed a real-life, fully sized Pac-Man maze as par of a campaign called "Up for Whatever". It will be a one-minute advert called "Coin". A man in the commercial will get a message on a bottle of Bud Light telling him to go outside where he'll put a giant coin into a slot and be part of the Pac-Man experience.

LA Fashion District Newsletterbest super bowl ad spied yet bud light s real life pac man maze has to be a contender image 2

Plenty of people have taken pictures of the set, including the LA Fashion District newsletter, and we hope it isn't just torn down afterwards. Could be a great attraction for E3 in June - considering it'll be just down the road.

Mind you, grown people jigging about in barely lit places, listening to repetitive music and popping pills? Would never happen.

You can watch last year's Super Bowl ads here.