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(Pocket-lint) - As a visual feat of excellence Skyrim offers a lot, as you'd expect from a game five years in the making. But it's so big it would take five years of playing to see it all, so these views should impress even the hardcore Skyrim gamers.

Photographer Andy Cull, the same one behind the Faces of Skyrim series, has collected a selection of scenes from the game. The results are some truly awe inspiring shots that make Lord of the Rings backdrops look average.


While none of these images have been photoshopped it's pretty clear that this isn't Skyrim in its purest form. We suspect plenty of in-game mods were used to get the textures and scenery created in these shots. But that's not cheating since mods are simply a way of pushing the in-game engine to perform at its best. These were likely running at very, very high resolutions on serious computer setups too.

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The work was entitled Dawn's Beauty – The Landscape of Tamriel where it's collated on Flickr. While a lot are from Andy Cull there are plenty of other gamers who have thrown in shots too. You can check it out in its entirety in our gallery below. All the images are nice and large in case you want to use them as a wallpaper. Enjoy.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.