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(Pocket-lint) - If, like us, you have an original, 25-year-old classic Gameboy sitting around in a drawer gathering dust and a collection of games you'd love to still play, you should head over to Kickstarter and back Hdmyboy. It's a device that, once installed, adds a HDMI socket to the handheld and outputs perfectly upscaled 1080p graphics to any Full HD TV.

The Hdmyboy technology requires the user to open up their Gameboy with an included screwdriver and slot a device between the front and back parts. An NES controller is used to control games when they are on TV. Basically, the project turns the Gameboy into a home console.

It also comes with a varied colour palette so you don't have to stick to the original, almost monotone original scheme. It can also stick to the original, almost square display output (1120 x 1008) or stretch the screen resolution, which will result in fatter characters but will fill a widescreen TV.

The Hdmyboy developer is looking for 65,000 euros (£51,500) to get the project off the ground and has raised more than 16,500 euros so far. The funding phase runs until Boxing Day, 26 December, so there is plenty of time left.

The device itself comes without a 1989 classic Gameboy - you'll have to have your own or buy one from eBay first - and costs 125 Euros. It will ship in May next year.

And yes, we do know that you can get Gameboy Advance games for the Wii U, but that's not the same - almost cheating in fact.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.