Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will hit stores on Friday 31 October and although you'll have to wait a little longer for Pocket-lint's full review, we can tell you that it's every bit as madcap as you will have seen from trailers and previews (our own included).

There are some of the most colourful and crazy enemies (and allies) you are likely to encounter, the grind-centric locations are a veritable feast of fun, and then there's the guns. Oh yes, the guns.

Weaponry in Sunset Overdrive is as wonderfully bonkers as can be, with titles such as TNTeddy and High Fidelity, and they each shoot such bizarre objects that they couldn't possibly be recreated for real. Or could they?

To celebrate the launch of the game, the UK Xbox team did exactly that, with the two guns we've mentioned above. And as well as create a mock QVC-style shopping advert featuring the real-world versions of the weapons that fire vinyl records and dynamite-strapped teddy bears, the crew invited a couple of much-viewed British YouTubers, Ali-A and Vikkstar123, to test them out.

Check out the gallery below to see just how accurate the real-world models are to their in-game counterparts. Suitably ga-ga.