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(Pocket-lint) - Codemasters has revealed that this year's game in the F1 franchise will be released for the current generation of consoles, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, on 17 October. Unfortunately, there won't be a next-gen, Xbox One or PS4 F1 game until 2015, although the all-new game will have a different ideology.

Distributed by Bandai Namco, this year's F1 2014 game will be Codemasters' "most accessible" game in the series yet. While almost always critically acclaimed, previous Formula One games have had a steep learning curve and proven tricky to master. That's great for hardcore driving game fans and enthusiasts but has put off beginners and casual gamers in the past.

To combat the difficulty, the developer has introduced a new driver evaluation system, which identifies player ability and automatically tunes the race experience to an appropriate level. Experienced players need not worry though, they will also be able to fine tune settings themselves to ensure their action is as tough as always.

The Xbox One, PS4 and PC new Formula 1 game will launch early into the 2015 season and update as the real-world races progress. Digital updates will enable players to compete against the drivers and teams they watch on TV.

"This is the year it all changes - for the sport and for the game," explained Stephen Hood, creative director for the F1 series at Codemasters.

"Our title for the new generation formats will mark a huge step forward for the F1 series. We want to be out there earlier in the season and deliver new season content updates digitally as the 2015 season progresses; it’s very exciting for the series and our players."

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 31 July 2014.